Friday, September 28, 2012

Old but Still Effecient

I am currently running on a Sony Vaio that I bought early 2006. I remember walking into Bestbuy having no clue when shopping for different laptops. I was told to compare the Ram, processor speed, or the amount of hard drive memory but this terminology was foreign to me. After purchasing what seemed to be the right one has been very effecient for the past 6 years.Recently, I do feel it is time to invest in a new computer as this one has been acting 'funky'. Also would like to be more up-to-date with all the new advanced technology incorporated in today's computers. I have found a lot of my interest towards a MacBook Pro for a lot of the reasons other than the price but I understand you are paying for quality. I just haven't understood how to navigate around the interface. 

Being a Computer Science major it is very important that I have the right set of tools to understand and develop programs. "The better your tools, and the better you know how to use them, the more productive you can be." This quote from The Pragmatic Programmer couldn't have said it better. To be most effecient in a work-environment I need to know what tools I am using and how to use them. 

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  1. I have been a systems administrator/engineer working with Windows systems since 2000. I once thought that Windows was the only way to go. However, back in 2003 I was introduced to Mac OS X. At first I thought it was a "dumbed down" operating system designed for casual users. I eventually found that Mac OS X was, in fact, a very powerful operating system once you learned how to interface with the OS. Now, 9 years later, I could not imagine going back to Windows. A huge part of that is that I have learned to navigate through the system and operate it efficiently. The pragmatic programmer was right that, while having the right tools is important, it is critical that you know how to use them as well.